What is CaveTribe?

©CaveTribe is a trademark owned by Victor Tovar that offers specialized diving courses

Cavetribe is the result of teaching for years without compromising quality in training.

For decades, diving has undergone an extreme commercialization that, unfortunately, moves away from personalized teaching adapted to each student.
The project supports all those divers who really want to learn and to make diving an important part of their lives.

Victor Tovar, born and based in Spain, has always been related to the underwater world in many ways. In recent years he has made cave diving the main axis of his activity and goals.

Extreme diving requires the use of high end equipment manufactured by the best brands

In gratitude for your support!

Training offered by Victor Tovar, regardless of the level, is based on knowledge, skills, experience and progression. These are the pillars of safe and fun dives that will keep you hooked for the rest of your life!

Why cave diving?

“Around 2004 I had the privilege of collaborating with a scientific team of divers in various investigations. One of them was related to fauna of marine caverns and caves. So, unaware of how that was going to change my life, I started diving in small overhead environments. Since then, my interest in cave diving has only grown. Cave diving is a challenge that provides some of the most beautiful visions that nature can show. Being in places that have not been visited for millions of years is simply captivating!”

Teaching style

“Aggressive teaching and targeting only a few individuals of extraordinary ability is a thing of the past. Progressive teaching and tailored to each diver has been shown to produce better results by far. You will learn in a controlled way and under limits in which you feel comfortable.
I am a serious and empathetic instructor who will be involved in your own goals. You will enjoy the whole process and you will not want to finish your training days!”

If you need a personal diving instructor focused on your own needs, in CaveTribe you will find what you are looking for!

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