Based in SPAIN

In Isla Plana (Cartagena – Murcia), a small community by the sea, we find one of the most valued caves by cave divers from around the world.
Isla Plana has warm and sunny weather, a quiet environment and is a place of retreat for people from many countries. In addition to the cave, we can also dive in a beautiful marine reserve with any of the local dive centers.

Isla Plana is a perfect place to chill and enjoy diving without distractions

Cueva del Agua (THE CAVE)

Cueva del agua, a hypogenic spring, has perfect characteristics for diving. With its water temperature of approximately 30ºC stable throughout the year, its average depth of about -10m and its explored galleries with many navigation possibilities, we never get bored of it!
The interior is highly decorated both in texture and color. However, it is of high technical requirement due to its great ease of cloudiness.

Cueva del Agua is a cave of almost unlimited possibilities. It is known as the "European cenote" by many

Other locations? let's talk!

Although the main activity is carried out in Cueva del Agua (Spain), there is always the possibility of offering training in other parts of the world. Contact CaveTribe and make your proposal. If we reach an agreement, I will be happy to dive in other places and train divers from other areas!

Do you want to receive training elsewhere? why not? Let´s chat about it


The accommodation is easy to find during low season. There are options such as hotels, hostels, apartments, Airbnb, campings, etc. You can also search in nearby villages such as Puerto de Mazarrón or La Azohía. In high season (mainly summer) it is advisable to book well in advance. If you don´t bring your own car, rent one. You will need it! 

The recommended period for cave diving is from October to May but summer is better for open water courses

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